Larkspur "Giant mix of colors"
Larkspur "Giant mix of colours" - Delphinium cultorum. Delphinium seeds germinate quite well, but only at low positive temperatures, i.e. they are characterized by the so-called "cold start". They will not be hindered by a s..
Larkspur "Pacific Ocean" mix
Larkspur "Pacific Ocean" hybrids mix. Perennial. A popular plant 150-180 cm high, on which 8-10 stem-carrier inflorescences develop. Filled flowers are collected in giant inflorescences 70-80 cm long. Blooms in June-July. After the main fl..
Larkspur "Pacific" (mix)
Larkspur "Pacific" (mix). Height up to 180 cm. Diameter of inflorescences 3-4 cm. Alfred de Breanski. Eng.: Larkspur. Suom.: Jaloritarinkannus. Sven.: Riddarsporre. ..
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