Anethum graveolens L.
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Dill "Mammoth".
Fragrant, large leaf!
Mid-season variety (from germination to harvesting for greens 38-42 days, for spices - 86 days). The plant is compact, abundantly leafy, and up to 100 cm high in the flowering phase. The rosette of leaves is powerful and semi-raised. The leaves are large, greyish-green with a wax coating, medium dissected up to 20 cm, with high aromaticity and excellent taste. The mass of greens from one plant is 20-30 g. The yield of green mass is 1.8-3 kg/m2.
The value of the variety: stable yield, friendly formation of juicy and delicate greenery, long economic shelf life and high aromaticity.
Recommended for drying, freezing, preparing a variety of seasonings, salting and marinating. Fragrant umbrellas are indispensable in salting and pickling vegetables and mushrooms.
SOWING is done repeatedly - before winter with dry seeds and several times in spring, starting from late April - early May, to a depth of 1-2 cm in a continuous way or in a row (with row spacing of 15-20 cm). To obtain flowering plants, a distance of 45-50 cm is left between the rows. To speed up germination, it is advisable to soak the seeds before sowing for two days, periodically changing the water.

Eng.: Dill. Sven.: Dill. Suom.: Tilli. Bot.: Anethum graveolens.

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