Anethum graveolens L.
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Bush dill "Mammoth" - Anethum graveolens.
Fragrant, large leaf!
Mid-season variety (from germination to harvesting for greens 38-42 days, for spices - 86 days). The plant is compact, abundantly leafy, up to 100 cm high in the flowering phase.
The rosette of leaves is powerful, semi-raised. The leaves are large, grayish-green with a waxy coating, medium-dissected up to 20 cm, possessing high aromaticity and excellent taste. The mass of greenery per plant is 20-30 g. The yield of green mass is 1.8-3.0 kg/m2.
The value of the variety: stable yield, uniform formation of juicy and tender greens, long shelf life and high aromaticity.
Recommended for drying, freezing, preparing various seasonings, salting and pickling. Fragrant umbrellas are indispensable for salting and marinating vegetables and mushrooms.
Sowing is done multiple times - before winter with dry seeds and several times in the spring, starting from the end of April - beginning of May, to a depth of 1-2 cm in a continuous way or in a row (with row spacing of 15-20 cm).
1.0 g = 590-650 pieces.
To obtain flowering plants, leave a distance of 45-50 cm between the rows. To speed up germination, it is advisable to soak the seeds for two days before sowing, periodically changing the water.

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