Echinacea x hybrida
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Coneflower "Cheyenne Spirit" F1 (mix) - Echinacea x hybrida.
A charming mixture will create a romantic mood in your garden!
Plants up to 75 cm high. Large inflorescences-baskets with a convex center and long hanging petals.
Blooms from July to September. Used for individual groups on the lawn, in combination with undersized perennials.
The plant prefers a sunny place and nutritious soil. When sown in open ground in May, seedlings appear in 2-3 weeks.
For seedlings, sowing is done in February-March in seedling boxes. At a soil temperature of +20°C shoots appear on the 14-20th day.
In May, seedlings are planted in the ground, maintaining a distance between plants of 40-60 cm.

Eng.: Coneflower, Sampson root, comb-flower. Suom.: Auringonhattu. Sven.: Rudbeckia, solhatt.

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