Solanum melongena L.
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Eggplant "Bella Roma" F1.
Mid-early, high-yielding variety (105-109 days from germination to technical maturity) for open ground and film shelters. The plant is medium.
The fruits are spherical, glossy, light purple with delicate white flesh. Fruit weight up to 400 g. Fruits have an excellent taste. Valued for its delicate taste.
The lack of spines on the calyx makes harvesting and peeling the fruit very easy. Due to the increased density of the fruit pulp and the absence of bitterness in it, the variety is ideal for use in cooking.
Sowing for seedlings is carried out at the end of February, picking - in the cotyledon phase. Planting seedlings - at the end of May. By the end of July, 5-6 largest ovaries are left on the plant, other flowers and ovaries are removed.
1,0 g = 260 seeds.

Eng.: Eggplant. Suom.: Munakoiso, munahedelmä. Sven.: Äggplanta, Aubergine.

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