Zinnia elegans dahlia-flowered
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Zinnia "California Giants" (mix of colours) - Zinnia elegans dahlia-flowered.
As a tropical flower, zinnia prefers to grow in open places, illuminated by the sun throughout the day.
It is in such places that the features and beauty of the varieties are fully revealed.
In semi-shady places, the plants stretch out, the inflorescences develop poorly, become smaller, darken and rot.
The main enemy of zinnia is cold rainy weather: the plants stop blooming, dark necrotic spots appear on the leaves and flowers, and there is a danger of the “blackleg” disease.
Otherwise, zinnias are very unpretentious and grateful plants. They grow on light loamy soils and love abundant watering, they respond well to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.
An excess of organic matter, like in most plants, leads to the active growth of green mass at the expense of flowering.
Plants are drought-resistant, but in dry summers without watering they quickly fade.

Eng.: Elegant zinnia. Suom.: Tsinnia, oppineittenkukka. Sven.: Zinnia. Bot. syn.: Crassina elegans, Zinnia violacea.

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