Euphorbia polychroma
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Cushion spurge (Painted leaf) - Euphorbia polychroma.
Plant height 40-70 cm.
Flower diameter up to 3-5 cm.
Extravagant flowering, expressive form and various combinations with other plants - this is Euphorbia, a magnificent inhabitant of the flower bed.
Bush spherical, profusely branching. During the flowering period, he dresses the flower bed in a sparkling yellow dress, delighting the eye with the freshness of the yellow-green hues of the bracts.
Decorative all season from early spring to late autumn. Use for carpet beds, rocky gardens.

February-March for seedlings (with preliminary stratification, and even better with freezing of crops). Sowing is carried out in moist, loose soil to a depth of 3-4 mm, covered with glass or plastic wrap and kept at a low temperature of -1 + 4 ° C (in the refrigerator) for 5-6 weeks (more is possible, but not less). After cooling, the crops are kept in the dark at a temperature of +12+14°C until germination. When the seedlings grow up, the plants dive into separate containers and shade from direct sun for 2-3 days. The plants are planted in a permanent place after the end of spring frosts.
prefers loose, not overfertilized, not too wet and not calcified soil in the sun or in partial shade. Planting the first year for the winter should be covered with dry foliage. Instead of loosening the soil, it is desirable to use mulching.
June July. It can grow without a transplant for many years.

Euphorbia polychroma
Painted leaf, cushion spurge. Bot. syn.: Euphorbia epithymoides L.

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