Mina lobata
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Fire vine "Spanish Flag".
Curly chameleon! Exotic love flora!
Spectacular annual vine with numerous shoots. Plant height up to 5 m.
The length of each flower is up to 2 cm. The stems are thin. The leaves are dark green, three-lobed.
The flowers resemble a banana in shape, gradually changing color: from bright red to white.
Differs in abundant flowering throughout the summer. Used for vertical gardening.
Sowing: February for seedlings. Seedlings are planted in open ground at the end of May at a distance of 45-60 cm between plants.
Care: Prefers sunny or light shade with well-drained soil. Requires support.
Bloom: July - September.

Eng.: Fire vine Spanish Flag. Suom.: LIUSKAMIINANKÖYNNÖS. Sven.: Spanska Flaggan. Bot.syn.: Ipomoea lobata (Cerv.) Thell. Convolvulus mina (G.Don) Kuntze, Ipomoea mina (G.Don) Voss, Ipomoea versicolor Meisn., Mina cordata Micheli, Quamoclit lobata (Cerv.) House, Quamoclit mina G.Don, nom. illeg. superfl., Quamoclit pallescens Brongn. ex Neumann.

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