Mina lobata L.
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Fire vine "Spanish Flag" - Quamoqlit lobata = Mina lobata = Ipomoea versicolor. 
An unusual climber!
An attractive climbing plant, ideal for clothing a sunny wall or fence.
Numerous stems are produced which become clothed with flowers during the summer.
The blooms emerge red and change progressively through orange and yellow to white. HHA - Half hardy annual. 
CULTURE: Sow January-March, flowers July-September.
HINTS: Climber. Prefers full sun.
Flowering Time: July-September.

Fire vine Spanish Flag. Bot.syn.: Ipomoea lobata (Cerv.) Thell. Convolvulus mina (G.Don) Kuntze, Ipomoea mina (G.Don) Voss, Ipomoea versicolor Meisn., Mina cordata Micheli,
Quamoclit lobata (Cerv.) House, Quamoclit mina G.Don, nom. illeg. superfl., Quamoclit pallescens Brongn. ex Neumann.

Climber-"chameleon"! Exotic of love flora!
Origin: Southern Mexico. Unusual showy tropical annual with strong curling stems
1.5-3.0 m tall with heart-shaped three-lobed leaves and three thin stipules near each leaf.
Flowers, like drops (each flower up to 2 cm long), in one-sided spike-shaped inflorescences 15-25 cm long, seem closed all the time.
At first they are red, then orange, then gradually become lemon yellow to creamy white.
Striking multi-color effect: in one inflorescence there are up to 12 flowers of different colors. The stamens and pistil protrude from the open pharynx of the flower.
Flowering time: from the beginning of August to the end of October, and in warm autumn - until the first frost. Introduced into culture since 1841.
Location: sunny, sandy-humus garden soil.
Care: supports are needed, shoots are tied up and directed. Moderate watering, weekly top dressing until August.
Pests: spider mites.
Reproduction: lobed kvamoklit in Estonia during warm spring is sown with seeds at the end of April, but no later than
since the seeds do not have time to ripen, or seedlings when sowing in boxes in March and then picking and planting in open ground when frosts pass.
Usage: for decorating vases, baskets, balconies.
Using it in wall plantings, you can achieve complete wall decoration. Suitable for creating flower pyramids. Bright flowers are good for cutting.

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