Linum grandiflorum
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Flax large-flowered "Bright eyes" - Linum grandiflorum.
A graceful bushy plant with slender, light stems (40-50 cm high), with light green foliage and delicate five-petal flowers (3-4 cm in diameter).
The plant is unpretentious, easily tolerates light frosts, prefers a sunny place and well-drained soil.
​Flax is grown from seeds that are sown in open ground before winter or in early spring, at the end of April. The presence of a large amount of moisture in the soil at this time ensures fast and friendly shoots. Small flax seeds should be planted in the ground to a depth of 2–3 cm (deeper planting will lead to a decrease in germination).
It is better to sow flax immediately in a permanent place since its sprouts are very delicate and do not tolerate transplantation well. Under favourable conditions, seedlings appear in about a week.
When the flax grows a little, it needs to be thinned out, leaving a distance of about 10 cm between plants (otherwise it will stretch out and bloom worse). The plant blooms 2 months after sowing and blooms until September.
Regular care: weeding, loosening the soil, fertilizing and watering if necessary.
Flax is very responsive to the application of fertilizers, but their excess can cause active growth of green mass and reduce the number and size of flowers.

Flowering flax, scarlet flax. Bot. syn.: Adenolinum grandiflorum.

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