Ageratum houstonianum L.
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Floss-flower "Nano Rosa" - Ageratum houstonianum.
An extremely popular plant for sunny balconies and flower beds.
The plant is compact, bushy, and up to 20 cm high. The leaves are oval-rhombic. Fragrant pink flowers are collected in inflorescences up to 5-8 cm in diameter.
The fluffy caps of inflorescences are very attractive and fragrant (their volume and number increase noticeably with early and repeated pinching of faded inflorescences).
Blooms profusely from June until frost. Warm and photophilous, drought-resistant.
Soil prefers light, and is moderately fertile.
Sowing seeds is carried out in late March-early April, seedlings appear after 8-12 days.
Seedlings are planted in boxes in late May - early June, after the end of spring frosts.
It contrasts well with salvia, marigolds, and petunias.

Mehhiko päsmaslill Ageratum houstonianum Ageratum mexicanum

Eng.: Floss-Flower. Suom.: Sinitähtönen, agera. Sven.: Leverbalsam, ageratum. Bot. syn.: Ageratum mexicanum L.

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