Linum grandiflorum L.
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Flowering flax (mix of colours) - Linum grandiflorum L.
An unpretentious plant from the Flax family. Stems erect, graceful, strongly branched, 50 cm high. Leaves sessile, lanceolate. Flowers with a diameter of 2 cm and various shades (white with a red eye, blue, red) are collected in loose inflorescences. The plant is cold-resistant, unpretentious, and prefers sunny areas with light soils without stagnant water.
Propagated by direct sowing in open ground in spring or before winter. Seedlings are thinned at a distance of 10 cm.
Used to decorate the garden plot, the greatest effect is achieved when planting in groups. For bouquets, flax is pulled out with a root in the budding phase, the roots are cut off and placed in water.

Eng.: Flowering flax. Suom.: Punapellava. Sven.: Blomsterlin.

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