Beta vulgaris L. var. crassa Mansf.
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Fodder beet "Brigadier".
Mid-season (from germination to harvest 108-118 days) high-yielding variety. The rosette of leaves is semi-erect.
Root crops are cylindrical, yellowish-orange with white pulp, juicy. Resistant to bloom and drought.
Productivity 4.5-6.8 kg / m2. Well kept in storage.
The value of the variety: high yield, marketability and quality of root crops, high content of dry matter and sugars.
Recommended for use as livestock feed.

This is a polyploid traditional mangel beet with orange flesh. Fresh yields up to 140 tons per hectare are not an exception.
Harvesting can be done by hand or by machine and soil tare is low. The huge leaf production stays fresh and healthy until the moment of harvest.
"Brigadier" has a dry matter content of around 12% and the beets are very suitable for storage.
Its roots are more above the soil (65%) than average fodder beets enabling easy access to the crop when strip feeding.
This is a better option for grazing and it is a softer bite, which is more suitable for feeding younger stock.

loomapeet Brigadiir

Eng.: Fodder beet "Brigadier". Suom.: Rehujuurikas. Sven.: Foderbeta. Beta vulgaris L. var. Crassa Mansf.

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