Beta vulgaris L.
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Early high yielding varieties. Yellow, white, red tubers. This is a great choice to grow tubers of different colours, suitable for fresh consumption, canned, and winter storage.
Root vegetables are delicious, juicy, young leaves of beets are used for food. They are used for salads, vegetable cocktails, canning. These vegetables are irreplaceable when you are exhausted, need to recover, as they strengthen the body, the immune system, improve digestion and even accelerate metabolism.
Harvested in 108-112 days after germination.
Grow in fertile, medium heavy, deeply tilled, permeable soil. Beetroot is sown directly into soil or seedlings are planted.
5,0 g contains about 300-390 seeds.
5,0 g will be enough for the area of 2-3 m2.
The root yield is determined by seeding density, expected yield - 35-45 kg.
(ALBINA VEREDUNA - 1,5 g, BURPEES GOLDEN - 1,5 g, BONA - 2,0 g).

Eng.: Red Beet "Trio mix". Suom.: Punajuurikas. Sven.: Rödbeta.

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