Myosotis alpestris L.
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Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Blue basket" - Myosotis alpestris.
Romantic azure for flower bed and garden!
An early flowering plant. Branched stem 15-25 cm high. Blue flowers are collected in a loose short inflorescence-curl. Blooms in May - June.
Used for spring decoration of flower beds, in rock gardens, in rows as a border.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is moisture-loving, winter-hardy. Prefers a shady and semi-shady place, fertile, moist soils. It tolerates transplantation well during spring - summer in a flowering state. Sowing of seeds is carried out in May-June in a permanent place. At a temperature of +18 °C shoots appear in 14-20 days. Seedlings are thinned out, maintaining a distance between plants of 20 cm.

Meelespea Lõosilm Myosotis alpestris Alpine Forget-Me-Not Lemmikki Alpförgätmigej Незабудка альпийская садовая

One of the most beloved garden plants, evoking a slight nostalgic note and bringing a sense of tenderness and romance to flower beds.
Sky-blue, rather large flowers appear in abundance on compact, well-kept bushes. Flowering is long - from May to mid-summer.
Looks amazing in flower beds, borders, flowerpots, in a gravel garden and near the water. Being a biennial, it renews itself by self-sowing, forming a rosette of leaves in the first year and blooming in the second year. Along with bulbous flowers, it is the best decoration of the May garden ...
Feels great, both in the sun and in the shade, where flowering stretches almost all summer.

Myosotis alpestris Blue2

Recommendations for sowing and care:
- sow in seedling containers or a ridge with loose, water- and breathable soil in spring or early summer;
- ensure regular watering, loosening, shading from direct sunlight, if necessary, dive into a more nutritious soil,
- plant the grown seedlings in a permanent place in the evening or on a cloudy year, it is good to water and mulch;
- in spring, fertilize with complete mineral fertilizer with microelements, and in summer it is advisable to apply wood ash and organic matter in the form of well-rotted compost or leaf humus as needed.
In the first year, a basal rosette of leaves is formed, flowering occurs in the second year.

Meelespea Lõosilm Myosotis alpestris Alpine Forget-Me-Not Lemmikki Alpförgätmigej Незабудка альпийская садовая

Lõosilm, Myosotis

Eng.: Alpine Forget-Me-Not. Suom.: Lemmikki. Sven.: Alpförgätmigej.

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