Digitalis purpurea L.
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Foxglove (mix) - Digitalis purpurea.
Biennial. Plant height 130-150 cm. Flower diameter 5 cm. Frost and drought-resistant, flowering plant with a slightly branched, pubescent stem.
A tall racemose inflorescence with bell-shaped flowers proudly rises above a rosette of large leaves.
Lush bright pink candelabra of inflorescences will charm you at first sight and will add colorful accents in the flower garden.
Used for group plantings, mixborders, wall decoration and for cutting.

Digitalis purpurea Sõrmkübar Roosa Teemant
Larisa Alekseenko.

Eng.: Foxglove, bloody fingers, dead men's bells, digitalis, fairy caps, fairy thimbles, gloves of our lady, virgin's glove, witches gloves.

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