Hedysarum coronarium L.
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French honeysuckle "Sulla" - Hedysarum coronarium.
An excellent honey plant and green manure culture, blooming with bright pink beautiful flowers.
The flowering period of the Hedysarum coronarium falls in May-June, which is very important, because at this time the spring honey crops have already stopped blooming, and the summer ones have not yet begun...
Honey obtained from it has multiple valuable features and good taste, contains a large number of useful trace elements.
Honey productivity is high - up to 300 kg per hectare. It is grown not only as a honey plant, but also as a feed crop for pets, due to the high content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Hedysarum coronarium is drought-resistant and tolerates poor conditions in sandy and stony soils.
Perennial herbaceous plant 30-100 cm tall, grown in cool climates as a biennial.
Highly decorative. Frost-resistant down to -34°C (Z4-Z6). Sowing in spring or before winter. In culture since 1596.
500,0 g = 150 m2.

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