Tagetes patula nana L.
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French marigold "Bonanza Bee" - Tagetes patula dwarf.
Plant height up to 30 cm. Inflorescence diameter up to 6 cm.
Compact bushes during the flowering period are completely covered with bright flowers with a very pleasant and delicate aroma.
In addition to obvious decorative qualities, it has an abundant and long flowering period from spring to frost.
It is used for flower beds, flower beds, borders, for decorating balconies and windows.
Sowing: for seedlings in March-April, in areas with a mild climate, it can be sown in open ground in May. Seedlings are planted outdoors when the threat of frost has passed. The distance between plants is 15-20 cm. Marigolds are not demanding on soil and moisture. They prefer open sunny places, but also grow in partial shade.
Flowering: June to frost. Marigolds pair well with daisies, calendula, rudbeckia, cosmea, and pelargonium. To prolong flowering, faded flowers are regularly removed.

Bot. syn.: Tagetes corymbosa Sweet, Tagetes remotiflora Kunze. Tagetes patula nana double.

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