Alcea rosea
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Garden hollyhock "Majorette" - Alcea rosea annual.
"Mini stock roses" with large double flowers!
Plant height is only 60-80 cm. Large, semi-double, chocolate-burgundy flowers are collected in an elongated racemose inflorescence.
Grown as an annual. Used for groups on the lawn, mixborders, flowerbeds and rabatok. Cut stems in the bud stage open in water.
It blooms luxuriantly in open sunny places, prefers fertile, loose soils. Propagated by sowing seeds in March-April in seedling boxes (1.0 g = 80 pieces).
(Can be sown outdoors in May). Planting depth - 0.5 cm. At a soil temperature of +22 + 25 ° C, seedlings appear on the 7-10th day. Seedlings dive into pots.
They dive and transplant carefully, keeping a clod of earth. Seedlings are planted in open ground in May-June, maintaining a distance between plants of 30-35 cm.

Eng.: Common garden hollyhock. Suom.: Tarhasalkoruusu, salkoruusu. Sven.: Stockros. Bot. syn.: Althaea rosea (L.)

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