Althaea rosea flora pleno
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Stock-rose "Assorted" (mixture of colors) - Alcea rosea flora pleno.
Annual. The height of the plants is 140-150 cm. The diameter of the inflorescences is 7 cm.
These plants become so impressive by the middle of summer, and the blooming holiday will last until frost.
Large plants from afar will attract attention with profusely blooming double flower candelabra. Cut buds bloom beautifully in the water.
Sowing: in the ground to a permanent place in mid-May. Seedlings appear in 12-15 days. Crops are thinned out, forming a plant nutrition area of ​​40x50 cm.
Care: light-loving, winter-hardy, drought-resistant plant, but for good growth and development they should be grown in sunny places, fertilized with loose soil.
In dry weather, the plants are watered.
Bloom: July-September.

Gerard van Spaendonck
Gerard van Spaendonck.

Eng.: Common garden hollyhock. Suom.: Tarhasalkoruusu, salkoruusu. Sven.: Stockros. Bot. syn.: Althaea rosea (L.)

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