Levisticum officinale
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Garden lovage "Libecek" - Levisicum officinale koch.
Early greenery in spring.
A perennial herbaceous plant of the Umbelliferae family with a strong smell of celery, 150-200 cm high.
Winter-hardy, needs soils rich in organic matter. In one place grows 5-6 years.
Agricultural technology.
Propagated by seeds, division of bushes, root cuttings. Sow in the soil in early spring at the end of April to a depth of 1.5-2 cm.
Seedlings appear on the 33-35th day. Feeding area 50-70 cm2. On the site it is enough to have 1-2 plants.
The greens are removed until the flower arrow appears. During the season, you can spend 3-4 cuts.

Levisticum officinale

Eng.: Garden lovage. Deu.: Liebstock. Bot. syn.: Hipposelinum levisticum L., Levisticum paludapifolium Asch., Ligusticum levisticum L.

* Lovage root is an ancient remedy for the treatment of alcoholism.
To prepare the infusion, 50 g of crushed dry lovage root and 2 bay leaves must be infused for 15 days in 250 g of vodka.
The alcoholic is then given one glass of this potion to drink. It causes an aversion to alcohol, vomiting.
If there is no aversion to alcohol from a single dose, then the treatment is repeated.
A decoction of the roots and leaves of lovage helps to eliminate age spots on the skin of the face, and a decoction of the roots strengthens the hair.
And also, if you slightly crush a fresh leaf of lovage so that it starts up the juice, and apply it to the forehead, then the headache decreases, regardless of what caused the pain.
Infusions and decoctions of lovage should not be taken by pregnant women, as it promotes blood flow to the pelvic organs and has an abortive effect!

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