Brand: Seklos
Packaged:200 g
Ex Tax: 4.15€
Garden ointment is intended to be applied to the wounds of fruit bushes, fruit trees, indoor deciduous trees, bonsai trees, woody ornamental plants caused by grafting, pruning or pruning, treating trunk damage or bark cracks.
Recommendations for use: all wounds larger than 2 cm in diameter made during pruning must be applied with garden ointment. Wrap the grafts tightly with film, then cover with garden oil. Frozen areas of the trunk, canker wounds, and rodent-damaged fruit tree trunks must be cut 1-2 mm to healthy wood and applied with garden grease.
Method of use: apply the garden oil with a spatula in a layer of 1-1.5 mm on fresh cuts. It is necessary to apply all places of cuts. Poorly healed wounds from last year's pruning and grafting of fruit trees need to be carefully treated - carefully scrape off the old layer of horticultural ointment, apply a new one. Apply in such a way that rainwater cannot enter the wound. Pruning, wound cleaning and treatment are best done in early spring or late fall.

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