Gazania splendens L.
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Treasureflower "New Day Pink" F1.
A very beautiful perennial plant, most often cultivated as an annual. Inflorescences - large single baskets
Gazanias of the "New Day" series are compact, easy to grow, great for dense plantings and keep the flower open until late in the evening. The bush is strong, well-branched, 20-25 cm high with inflorescences 7-10 cm in diameter. Very large inflorescences with a dark ring around the centre.
It is used to decorate borders, borders, rocky slides, and looks great in flowerpots, balconies and window boxes. It is also used to give variety in group plantings, as well as for cutting.
Gazania is exceptionally drought-resistant.
Prefers loose gravel soils in open sunny areas. The presence of moisture is not demanding.
Sowing seeds for seedlings produced in late autumn - winter or spring. Crops are sprinkled with vermiculite or prepared clean sand and kept in a dark place at a temperature of + 18 + 21 ° C and constant humidity. Shoots appear unevenly and slowly - within 5-6 weeks. After the appearance of the first leaves, reduce humidity and reduce the temperature to + 12 + 16 ° С.
Landing in place is carried out when the threat of severe frosts has passed. It is very important that the crops are sparse, otherwise, the abundant flowering of plants will be difficult and they may be affected by diseases. Periodically, regular watering, loosening, weeding of plots and top dressing with a full complex fertilizer are carried out.
1.0 g = 250 seeds.

Eng.: Treasureflower, gazania. Suom.: Timanttikukka. Sven.: Påfågelsblomma. Bot. syn.: Gazania splendens.

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