Gazania splendens
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Treasureflower (mixture of colors) - Gazania rigens (L.) Gaertn. = Gazania splendens hort.
Super trendy plant!
Small compact bush 30 cm high with long sturdy peduncles. The flowers are spectacular, large, 7-8 cm in diameter, contrastingly colored. Marginal flowers: orange, bright red, pink, tubular - black.
Blooms from July to September.
They are used to decorate balconies, verandas, as a curb plant, in ridges and rocky hills, in flower beds.
The plant is drought-resistant, does not tolerate excess moisture, it is not demanding on soils. For growing seedlings, sowing is done in March in boxes. At a temperature of + 18 ° C, the time from sowing to germination is 10-15 days. Seedlings dive into peat-humus pots. Planting in place is carried out in mid-May, maintaining a distance between plants of 15-20 cm.
1,0 g = 230-250 seeds.

Gazania splendens

Treasureflower, gazania. Bot. syn.: Gazania rigens.

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