Cucumis sativus L.
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Picklings cucumbers "Berlioz" F1. 
A very early, self-pollinating (parthenocarpic), disease-resistant hybrid that produces crops over a long period of time.
The fruits have an excellent presentation. Dark green fruits with large warts, 8-10 cm long, uniform in size, crisp, with a small seed chamber.
ratio of length to width is 3,4:1. Genetically not bitter.
The leaves of the plant are small, which makes harvesting easier. A high-yielding hybrid with high quality fruits.
Great for canning and pickling. It is grown both outdoors and indoors.
The variety is highly tolerant to Pseudoperenospora cubensis.
The variety is resistant to CMV, Ccu, PM, ZYMV and CVYV.

Recipe: "Drunk Cucumbers" - this preservation method is especially convenient when the jars have to be stored at home at room temperature.
Preparing the marinade:
1.5 liters of water
3 tbsp. tablespoons of salt (no slide)
2 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon vinegar
2 tablespoons of vodka.
Put spices at the bottom of the jar: horseradish root, dill, garlic, currant leaves, then put the cucumbers tightly and pour over the marinade.
Sterilize for 15 minutes. Close hermetically with a lid.

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