Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "Competitor" (Konkurent).
Excellent fresh or canned!
Early ripening bee-pollinated variety: from germination to fruiting 38–50 days. The plant is long-climbing. The fruits are black-thorned, large-tubercular, 10–14 cm long, weighing 70–100 g.
A variety for universal use. Resistant to powdery mildew and bacteriosis. For open ground. Productivity: 3.3-3.8 kg/m2.
Designed for canning, salting and pickling.
Growing conditions.
Sowing for seedlings or a permanent place. The seeding depth is 1-2 cm. Seeds begin to germinate at a temperature of +13+15 °C. Heat- and moisture-loving, prefers illuminated places protected from cold winds with fertile and light soil. The optimal temperature for growth is +25+30 °C.
Care: watering with warm water, combining them once every 10 days with fertilizing. Weeding and loosening. The harvest is harvested as the fruits ripen.
Sowing: May(2,3)-June(1).
Transplant: June(2).
Harvest: July-August.
Please note that... the special value of the “Competitor” variety lies in its resistance to powdery mildew, which increases the guarantee of maximum yield. Thanks to the long stalk, fruits are easy to pick.

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