Cucumis sativus L.
Brand: Ural
Packaged:7 s.
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Gherkin "Millionaire" F1.
A very productive super-bunch hybrid of the female flowering type for growing in open ground, spring greenhouses and tunnels. Branching is limited.
Fruits are gherkin-type, large-tuberous, white-thorned, 8-12 cm long, with very high pickling qualities.
The hybrid is “programmed” for intensive production of short-fruited (up to 5-6 cm) mini gherkins. Super-bunch type of ovaries (up to 10 pieces per node), while the filling of fruits in the nodes is consistent.
It is necessary to plant cucumbers of this hybrid rarely (!): no more than two plants per 1 m2. It also requires abundant watering with warm water with one fertilizing per week with complex fertilizer and daily harvesting.

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