Cucumis sativus L.
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Salad cucumber "MINISPRINT" F1 (BEITH ALPHA type).
Parthenocarpic varieties for Indoor production. 100% female (pollination is unwanted).
Big yielding cucumber with a very fast start to harvest.
Nice uniform fruits with shiny dark green colour and fine skin are typical for this variety.
Plants have strong growth and good growth recovery.
Products reach the length of 15-17 cm and are not bitter. Fruit weight 280-310 g.

Salad cucumber Minisprint F1 Salatikurk
Salad cucumber. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

* For sowing cucumbers, the best are those sprouted seeds whose sprout is half the length of the seed.
Sprouted seeds should only be placed in moist soil - they will die in dry soil.
When growing cucumbers under film, it is not recommended to immediately remove the film from the plants.
In bright sunshine, plants should only be acclimated to open air for a few minutes. You can open them completely in cloudy weather.
If the flowering of cucumbers is delayed, you need to reduce watering. To feed cucumbers, you can mix solutions of mullein and chicken manure.
At the same time, at the beginning of the plant growing season, the mullein solution should predominate in the fertilizing, and later - the chicken manure solution.
Try a fairly simple but productive way of growing cucumbers.
In the garden bed, dig holes 30-35 cm deep every 0.5 m, fill them with manure, and sprinkle soil on top.
5-6 seeds are sown in the prepared hole around the circumference.
After abundant watering, a plastic film is spread directly on the bed, which is pressed along the edges with wooden blocks, bricks, etc.
Above each hole in the film, small (10-15 cm long) cross-shaped incisions are made.
As a result, good conditions for seed germination are created under the film - high air temperature and humidity.
When the cucumber seedlings begin to touch the leaves of the film, the cuts in the film must be widened.
The value of this growing method is that the root system of cucumbers is constantly warm and favorable conditions are created for the plants.
In the future, the entire above-ground part of the plant will be located on the film and bear fruit abundantly. The film is not removed from the beds until the end of the season.
Plants are periodically watered and fed.
When harvesting, cucumbers cannot be picked; they must be cut with a knife. Cucumber stems are very brittle and sensitive.
When fruits are picked, they are damaged, and this can stop the development of the plant.
When harvesting cucumbers, you must also be careful not to step on the stems or crush them.
Cucumbers should be cut in the middle of the stem. When picking cucumbers, adult canes should not be moved from place to place, and especially not turned over differently from how they lie.
As a rule, the leaves of the vines face the light with their surface, but if they are turned down, then the leaves will try to take their previous position,
to turn their “face” to the light, and this can weaken them to such an extent that they begin to turn yellow, their ovaries stop growing, the vine becomes infertile or completely sterile.
When harvesting cucumbers, be sure to remove all ugly and overgrown fruits, as they delay the formation of healthy fruits.
You need to pick cucumbers not in the middle of the day, but early in the morning, when the bed is still wet from dew and the cucumbers are tight.
Cucumbers do not tolerate watering at the root.
Try the following original method of watering and fertilizing: miniature wells are placed in the cucumber bed, located a meter from each other.
To construct them, metal beer cans are used, the bottom of which has been knocked out with a chisel.

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