Hesperis matronalis L.
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Dame's violet  - Hesperis matronalis.
A hardy mixed border garden plant with graceful 4-petal cruciferous flowers.
It fills the garden with the unsurpassed scent of hyacinth, most intense in the evening hours, for which it got its name.
A semi-evergreen perennial, in the middle lane more often cultivated as a biennial, absolutely unpretentious and frost-resistant.
On loose, nutritious soils, it grows quickly and luxuriantly, forming a multi-stemmed shrub. Gives abundant, long flowering, both in the sun and in partial shade.
Propagated vegetatively by basal cuttings and seeds (flowering from the 2nd year), as well as self-sowing, if faded flower stalks are not cut off in time.
Height: 0.7-0.9 m.
Flowering: V-VII.
Sowing time: June. (1.0 g = 600 seeds).
Planting seedlings: August, September.
Flowering time: June, July.
Planting method: seedlings.
Distance between plants: 45 cm. Distance between rows: 35 cm.
Upright, highly branched plant. In the first year, a dense rosette of leaves is formed, in the second year a strongly branched stem grows.
Very fragrant flowers are collected in loose racemose inflorescences. A feature of this plant is that the greatest aroma begins to be felt in the evening and at night, in the moonlight.
It is used to create colour compositions in flowerbeds, in flower beds, as well as for cutting - to make beautiful bouquets. It goes well in compositions with perennial grasses, ornamental grasses and ferns. Hesperis prefers calcareous, loose and moist soil, sunny places. Winters without shelter.

Hesperis matronalis, Harilik öölill

Dame's violet, dames rocket, garden rocket, dammask violet, sweet rocket.

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