Bellis perennis L.
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Lawndaisy "Pomponette pink" (bruisewort, meadow daisy) - Bellis perennis.
Large terry and compact!
Perennial flowering plant, cultivated as biennial, up to 15-20 cm tall. The leaves are collected in a root rosette that develops in the first year after sowing. Peduncles grow in the second year. Inflorescences - baskets, up to 4-6 cm in diameter. On the garden plot, daisies are grown to compose groups and compositions, to create solid flower "carpets". Can also be cultivated as a pot plant.
Prefers open, sunny places, but it may well grow in partial shade. Well-drained light soils work well for planting. The seeds can be sown directly into open ground in the summer - flowering will begin next year. Seedlings appear within 1-2 weeks. The resulting seedlings are then dived, keeping a distance of 10 cm, and in August they are planted in a permanent place, maintaining a distance between plants of 20 cm. For a pot culture, seeds are sown at the end of summer. In the process of cultivation, regular watering, loosening, weeding of plots are carried out, and feeding is periodically performed with full complex fertilizer. For the winter, plantings must be covered.

Common daisy, bruisewort, English daisy, lawndaisy, meadow daisy.

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