Heuchera x hybrida
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Alum-root "Melting Fire" - Heuchera x hybrida.
A perennial plant 25 cm high and 20-30 cm wide. It has beautiful lobed leaves that turn bright red and dark burgundy with age.
In late spring, panicles of small bell-shaped white flowers bloom over the foliage.
Suitable for growing in humus-rich, slightly shaded areas with neutral soil, but can also be successfully grown in containers.
It practically does not have pests and diseases; watering is required during the dry period.
In the spring, remove dried leaves and old stems of inflorescences.
It is best to propagate by dividing in the spring, every 3-4 years.

NB! Depending on the lighting conditions in the place of growth of the plant and the growth phase, the color of the foliage can vary towards green.
The recommended planting rate for group gardening is 7 plants per m2.

Eng.: American alumroot, alum-root, American sanicle. Suom.: Amerikankeijunkukka. Sven.: Amerikansk alunrot. Bot. syn.: Heuchera hispida Pursh.

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