Capsicum annuum L.
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Hot pepper "Dagger".
For thrill seekers!
A variety of hot pepper with a medium early ripening period (from germination to the ripening of the first fruits takes an average of 100-105 days) for cultivation in open ground and under film covers.
The plant is up to 50-60 cm high. The fruit weighs 90-130 g, is 15-16 cm long, narrowly cone-shaped with a slight bend and transverse waviness at the base. Wall thickness 4-5 mm. The taste is medium hot.
The colour of the unripe fruit is green, and the colour of the ripe fruit is red and glossy. Sowing seedlings - at the end of February. Picking in the cotyledon phase. Planting seedlings in the ground or in a greenhouse at the end of May.
Shaping: removing all side shoots and leaves up to the first fork. Planting pattern: 30x40 cm.
Recommended for fresh consumption, for preparing seasonings, drying, and canning.

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