Capsicum annuum L.
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Hot pepper "Zhguchaya perchinka".
Pleasant and mildly spicy taste.
An early ripe (from germination to technical ripeness 100-105 days) variety of hot pepper for growing in open ground and greenhouses.
The plant is slightly leafy, spreading, with short internodes, of medium height (up to 150 cm in a greenhouse). The fruit is elongated-cone-shaped, with a wide base, 2-chambered, ribbed, with strong transverse waviness, weighing 90-130 g, 17-20 cm long, mildly pungent taste.
The color at technical ripeness is light green, at biological ripeness it is red and highly glossy. The fruit wall is elastic, 4-6 mm thick.
Its pleasant mild spiciness makes it indispensable for preparing fresh salads and other mildly spicy dishes.
Grown by seedlings.
Sowing seedlings: at the end of February. Seed placement depth is up to 1 cm. Picking in the cotyledon phase.
Planting seedlings: at the end of May.
Forming: removing all side shoots and leaves up to the first fork.
You cannot plant seedlings of sweet and hot pepper varieties next to each other, because cross-pollination occurs and the sweet pepper acquires a bitter taste.

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