Alpine strawberry "Rjugen"
Alpine strawberry "Rjugen". Perennial plants, yielding red, sweet and fragant berries. The berries are much larger than forest berries. Harvested from June to September. Can be grown in a rock garden. Remontant alpine strawberry &qu..
Beetroot "Detroit 2"
Beetroot "Detroit 2". Ideal for freezing! A mid-early variety of red beet that ripens 85-95 days after planting. Root crops are round, very beautiful, with a smooth skin and a small rosette of leaves. The pulp is dark red, excellent stru..
Beetroot "Renova"
Red beet "Renova". Mid-late to late variety, 130 days. Cylindrical roots, flesh without distinct rings, fine taste. For fresh market and preserving. Good resistance to diseases and bolting. A very fertile variety with cylindrically sha..
Beetroot "Rote kugel 2" (80 g)
Beetroot "Red ball 2" (Rote kugel 2). Early productive variety. The period from germination to the beginning of economic suitability is 65-90 days. Root crops are rounded, weighing 220-500 g. The pulp is juicy, sweet, dark red with a pur..
Broad bean "Windsor Bialy" (100g)
Broad bean "White Windsor". A storehouse of vegetable protein, mineral salts, vitamins, calcium and iron. Mid-season, productive variety. Plant height is from 80 to 120 cm. The beans are wide, the seeds are large, flat, greenish-white in..
Carrot "Karlena"
CARROT "KARLENA". Late, fertile variety. Vegetation period is 140-150 days. Fruits are bright orange colour, sweet, grow to 18-24 cm long. Do not crack. Because of high mass and high sugar content, is very good for juice. Suitable for wint..
Carrot "Koral"
Carrot "Koral". Late, fertile "Nantes" type variety. Vegetation period is 140-150 days. Root crops are medium sized, 18-22 cm long, cylinder shaped, orange colour, resistant to cracking. The variety is valued for high sugar and c..
Carrot "Koral" (100 g)
Carrot "Koral". Late, productive variety of the "Nantes" type. Vegetation period: 140-150 days. Root crops are medium in size, 18-22 cm long, cylindrical in shape, orange in color, resistant to cracking. This variety is valued ..
Carrot "Lange rote stumpfe ohne herz 2"
Carrot "Lange rote stumpfe ohne herz 2". Well-known mid-late variety: from germination to technical maturity 120-140 days. This variety contains a very high percentage of dry matter and carotene. Root crops are cylindrical, red-orange in c..
Carrot "Sylva"
Carrot "Sylva". A mid early variety of Nantes type which is suitable for immediate consumption as well as preserving. The root is 18 - 20 cm long, oval with a blunt tip. The flesh is sweet, crisp, has an intense colour and medium dry matte..
Cauliflower "Erfurt"
Cauliflower "Erfurter". Early ripe variety. The heads are white, dense, weighing 1-2 kg. Grow with seedling for summer and autumn crop. Grow seedlings 35-60 days, depending on date of sowing. Vegetation period 70 after planting in bed. H..
Celeriac "Albin"
Celeriac "Albin". Improves water-salt metabolism and has a positive effect on obesity and neuroses. Mid-early variety, resistant to flowering. From emergence to technical ripeness 130-140 days. The root crops are round, with a small numb..
Celery-stalk "TALL UTAH 52/70"
STALK CELERY "TALL UTAH 52/70". A medium-early variety of leaf celery. The vegetation period is 80-90 days. The stalks are thick, fleshy, and 40-70 cm long. Grows best in heavy, humus-rich, well-tilled, but not wet soil. Green Utah is a v..
Chamomile "Zloty Lan" (80g)
Chamomile officinalis "Zloty Lan" - Matricaria chamomilla. Fragrant annual. Blooms in June-August. Harvesting of inflorescences for medicinal purposes is carried out at the beginning of their flowering. Used for heart pain, neuralgic..
Chinese cabbage "Bristol"
Chinese cabbage "BRISTOL". This is an early variety which is intended for autumn growing. The plants are smaller and produces wide, elliptical, nicely closed off yellow-green heads. The head weighs 1.5 - 1.8 kg. This variety is highly res..
Cilantro (coriander, microgreens) (100g)
Cilantro, Coriander (seeds for germination) - Coriandrum sativum. 1 gramm = 70-100 seeds. Very aromatic green sprouts with a refreshing taste for year round cultivation. Good for the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract. Corian..
Cornflower "Blue Ball" (Bachelor's buttons, blue cap) (80 g)
Garden cornflower "Blue Ball" - Centaurea cyanus. Spherical doubles inflorescences. Favorite flower of many peoples of the World. Plants are 40-80 cm high. Double flowers are collected in inflorescences-baskets. Blooms from June to ..
Courgette Zucchini "Goldena"
Courgette "Goldena". Bushy variety. Fruits are cylindrical, up to 20-60 cm long, yellow colour. Grow best in fertile, manured with organic fertilizers, sunny soil. Courgette is a heat loving vegetable, therefore it is sown, when the soil ..
Courgette Zucchini "Nefertiti"
Courgette Zucchini "Nefertiti" The plant is bushy, lush, with medium branching and cylindrical fruits. The leaves have a characteristic marble pattern. Young fruits are green to dark green in color, without a pattern, while ripe fruits ar..
Cucumber "Dalila" F1
Pickling cucumber "Dalila" F1. A mid-early, high-yielding hybrid variety with a coarse surface and black spines. It has mainly female flowers and is suitable for colder regions. It is highly tolerant of downy mildew. The ratio of..
Cucumber "Delikates"
Gherkin "Delikates". Early high-yielding variety for open field cultivation. Fruit with few spines, medium size, not bitter. Can be used fresh or for canning. Grows best in non weedy, fertile soil protected from the wind. 1 g contains app..
Cucumber "Everest" F1
Pickling-cucumber "Everest" F1. Not bitter. A very early hybrid variety with mainly female flowers. The plants are weakly vigorous. The fruits are medium green with a warty surface. It is resistant to cucumber mosaic virus and powdery mil..
Cucumber "Hokus"
GHERKIN "HOKUS". Medium-early, high yielding variety. Vegetation period is 60 days. Small fruit, with small papillas. Grown outdoors. Sown when the soil heats up (in the depth of 10 cm) from +13 to +14ºC. Used fresh or for canning. 1 ..
Cucumber "Libelle" F1
Gherkin "Libelle" F1. Crispy gherkins for universal use. Mid-early (vegetation period 49-52 days), bee-pollinated hybrid for open ground and film shelters. The plant is medium-growing. Zelenets elongated, dark green, small tuberous (whit..
Cucumber "Marketer"
Salad cucumber "Marketer". Mid-early (60 days), high-yielding salad-type variety. The fruits are up to 15 cm long, dark green and smooth. 1.0 g = 35-45 seeds. ..
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