Tomat "Zolotye Kupola" (Golden Domes)
Tomato "Golden Domes" (Zolotye Kupola). Mid-season variety of Siberian selection. The height of the bush is 90-150 cm. The fruits are beautiful, round-heart-shaped, orange-yellow in color, fleshy, weighing 400-800 g. Excellent in salads a..
Tomato "Bujan Zholty"
Tomato "Bujan Zholty". A variety of Siberian selections, with high endurance to adverse weather conditions, are intended for cultivation in open ground. Mid-season: ripens on the 110-115th day from emergence. Forms strong, standard plants..
Tomato "Korol London"
Tomato "Korol London". One of the best large-fruited lettuce varieties for film greenhouses and open ground. The plant is large, well-leafy and 1.2-1.5 m high. The bush is powerful, formed in 1-2 stems. The fruits are heart-shaped, very l..
Tomato "Mikado Rozovy"
Tomato "Mikado Rozovy" Early ripe (96-102 days) salad variety for greenhouses and film shelters. The plant is indeterminate, 1.5-1.8 m high. It requires obligatory pinching. The fruits are pink, flat-round, large, fleshy, sweet, weighing ..
Tomato "Pertsevidny Oranzhevy"
Tomato "Pertsevidny Oranzhevy". Early ripe variety for protected ground and film shelters. The ripening of pepper-shaped orange fruits occurs 85-90 days after emergence. The plant is indeterminate, vigorous, 1.5-1.6 m high. It needs ..
Tomato "Pink Honey". Delicate, sweet, meaty-sugary and very fruitful! Mid-season variety: 111-115 days. The plant is powerful, 60-80 cm high, forming round-heart-shaped fruits up to 1300 g in weight with delicious raspberry-pink flesh Th..
Tomato "Zagadka Prirody"
Tomato "Mystery of Nature". Unusual fruit colour and sugary taste! Very original mid-early large-fruited variety for greenhouses and film shelters. The colour of the fruits of this variety is a bizarre mixture of pink and yellow. Outside,..
Tomato "Zolotoy Kenigsberg"
Tomato ''Zolotoy Kenigsberg''. Mid-season variety for greenhouses and film shelters. The plant is indeterminate, 1.5-1.8 m high, in open ground 1.2-1.5 m. It is characterized by good fruit set in the greenhouse. Inflorescences are f..
Tomato "Kenigsberg"
Tomato ''Kenigsberg''. Medium ripe variety. Plant 1.5-1.8 m. high, up to 300 g. A productive Siberian tomato ideal for cooler climates. Healthy plants grow 160-180 cm and produce lots of aubergine-shaped, bright red fruits weigh 300..
Tomato "Medovo-Saharny" (Honey sugar)
Tomato "Medovo-Saharny" (Honey sugar). Delicious, large-fruited variety of Siberian breeders. Distinguished by beautiful fruits of bright honey-yellow colour with a delicate sugar taste. A plant is 0.8-1.5 m high. With good care, it ties..
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