Daucus carota L.
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Carrot "Koral".
Late, fertile "Nantes" type variety. Vegetation period is 140-150 days. Root crops are medium sized, 18-22 cm long, cylinder shaped, orange colour, resistant to cracking. The variety is valued for high sugar and carotene content in root crops. Suitable for juice, canning, freezing, stays well in winter. Can be sown in autumn for early spring harvest.
1,0 g = 800-1000 seeds.


The best thing:
• at a temperature of +12 ... + 15 ° С
• air humidity no more than 50%
• limited air access
• in heated rooms
• in living quarters on the lower shelf of the linen closet or in the lower drawer of the writing desk
• pack bags with seeds in plastic bags.

You can't:
• in warmth and with high air humidity
• allow temperature changes
• leave in unheated rooms, especially in damp conditions and at subzero temperatures
• allow multiple transition of temperature below 0 ° С
• freeze seeds
• store in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the refrigerator door.

Eng.: Carrot. Suom.: Porkkana. Sven.: Morot. Bot.: Daucus carota L.

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