Verbena stricta Vent.
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Woolly verbena (Hoary verbena) - Verbena stricta.
A perennial from the Verbenaceae family with lush greyish-green foliage and whimsical purple-lavender flowers.
The plant is usually visibly pubescent. The leaves are sessile, oval, with a serrated edge up to 9 cm long and 5 cm wide.
Homeland - North America.
Natural flowering period: July - August.
Flowering plant height: 60 cm.
Winter hardiness zones: Z3 - Z8.
Location: sunny, extremely drought tolerant plant.
Feels great on dry, sandy, slightly acidic soils. It also grows in well-dried clay soils.
Care: faded inflorescences are regularly removed to stimulate new growth. Prune the stems for the winter.
Propagation: propagated without problems by seeds that germinate easily. Blooms in the second year after sowing. 1,0 g = 1100 seeds.
Use: attracts butterflies. For flower beds in a landscape style, suitable for cutting.

Eng.: Hoary verbena, Hoary vervain, Tall vervain, Woolly verbena, Wooly verbena.

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