Cucumis metuliferus
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African cucumber Kiwano (Jelly melon) - Cucumis metuliferus.
Crop requiring warm humous soils rich in nutrients. Trim the vine shoots to the length of 1,5 m.
Gather fruit when it turns light orange. The jelly-like pulp is edible raw.
1 g = 45-60 seeds.

Ogamelon Kiwano

A powerful herbaceous vine with many lateral shoots (it can grow in width and height up to 5-6 m) and dark green fruits resembling hedgehogs with large fleshy spines.
The average fruit weight is 300 g, the average length is 12 cm. The fruits are extremely decorative and can be used to create original compositions and even as Christmas tree decorations.
Anguria in your apartment can become an interesting part of the interior and serve as a beautiful still life.
The skin of the Antillean cucumber becomes dense over time, so it can be stored for a long time at room temperature (at least until the New Year).
During storage, the fruits acquire a bright yellow-orange color. At a young age, the fruits of anguria taste like cucumber, they are used in salads, in pickles, etc.
The plant is dioecious, has distinct male and female flowers, and needs to be pollinated by insects or by hand. Seeds are rounded.
The plant is quite thermophilic, does not tolerate frost and prolonged cooling at a young age, in adulthood it becomes more cold-resistant. Grown through seedlings.
To accelerate fruiting, the method of chasing lateral shoots on the ovary can be applied.

Ogamelom KiwanoOgamelom Kiwano

Eng.: African horned cucumber, Jelly melon, Hedged gourd. Suom.: Kivakurkku, sarvimeloni "kiwano", hyytelömeloni. Sven.: Horngurka, Kivano, Kiwana. Bot.syn.: Cucumis tinneanus Kotshy et Peyritsch.

* Jelly melon (Kiwano) - a plant that is a 3-5-meter vine with thin furrowed stems. Blooms profusely with male and female flowers.
Kiwano fruit is yellow, orange or red in color. The length of the fruit reaches 15 cm.
The peel is hard, leathery, covered with soft spikes, and inside the fruit is a jelly-like green pulp with pale green seeds.
Hedged gourd tastes like lime and banana at the same time. From it you can cook jam or pickles.
Fruits contain few calories, so for those who want to lose weight - just a godsend. 
In addition, it contains a lot of vitamin PP and ascorbic acid. This exotic can also be grown in Estonia.
Seeds are placed for a day in a damp cloth. Then they are sown in pots with a light nutrient mixture. Plant outdoors only after the threat of frost has passed.
The place is chosen sunny, high, protected from the wind. Since the kiwano is a large vine, it needs props.
And if you build trellises for her, then such landings will look very attractive.
If you do not have the opportunity to plant this horned melon in open ground, then do not worry, you can grow it right on your balcony!
Just plant the plant in a large container (7-20 liters). This volume will be enough for top dressing every 12-15 days.
Despite the fact that this is a heat-loving plant, in the daytime it is better to cover it from the scorching sun in order to avoid burns on the leaves.

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