Cosmos bipinnatus L.
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Cosmos "Sunrise" - Cosmos bipinnatus.
An unpretentious, graceful plant 50-70 cm high with a densely branching stem, openwork foliage and yellow inflorescences with a diameter of 8-10 cm!
It is characterized by long flowering, resistance to adverse weather conditions and unusual flower colour for this plant species.
For cultivation prefers open sunny places, undemanding to the soil.
With an excess of nutrients, flowering is delayed. Cold-resistant.
Used in group plantings on lawns, for the background of borders and flower beds.
The cut is 3-5 days, cut off in half-life. The optimum soil temperature for seed germination is +18+22 °C.

Eng.: Tall cosmos, cosmea, garden cosmos. Suom.: Punakosmos, punakosmoskukka. Sven.: Rosenskära.

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