Cucumis sativus L.
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Salad cucumber "Nikifor" F1.
Retains its presentation for a long time!
Early parthenocarpic hybrid, predominantly female type of flowering for protected soil.
The plant is long-climbing, with weak lateral branching.
The fruits are cylindrical, smooth-barked, 20-23 cm long, weighing 160-220 g, non-yellowing, good taste.
The yield yield in the first month of fruiting is up to 7-13 kg/m2.
Suitable for growing indoors and on balconies. It has comprehensive disease resistance. Salad purpose. Suitable for pickling, but without long-term storage.
The limited lateral branching of this hybrid precludes periodic pinching and pinching operations.
The most valuable properties of the hybrid are: cold resistance, consistent and long-lasting fruiting, and large yields.
Growing conditions.
Sowing: to a depth of 1-2 cm. Seeds begin to germinate at +13+15 °C, the optimal temperature for development is +25+30 °C. It is warm and moisture-loving, the location is sunny.
Soil: light and fertile.
Care: watering with warm water (combining them once every 10 days with fertilizing), weeding, loosening.

* Frozen cucumbers.
Wash the cucumbers and cut into circles 3 mm thick. Place cellophane in a container, place the prepared cucumbers, and close.
Store in the freezer. Cucumbers retain a unique aroma. Use for making salads, okroshkas, solyankas.

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