Briza maxima
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Big quacing grass.
Winter annual, strongly branching from the base, 40-60 cm high, large spikelets in panicle, 1-2.5 cm long. It reaches its greatest decorative effect in full sun.
Location: all shakers are unpretentious, cold-resistant. They prefer the sun, although they can tolerate partial shade.
Soil: grow best on sandy and sandy soils without excess moisture.
Care: water only in dry, hot weather to prolong flowering. Breeze does not require special care.
Reproduction: by seeds, sowing them directly into the ground when the soil warms up.
For 100 plants you need 0.5 g of seeds. Shoots should be thinned at a distance of 5-10 cm from each other in accordance with the height of the species.

Eng.: Quaking oats, Large quaking grass. Suom.: Isoräpelö. Sven.: Italienskt Darrgräs.

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