Lactuca sativa L.
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Lettuce Caipira
Early"Grand Rapids"type lettuce variety,popular among proffesional growers.Resistant to powdery mildew,moderately resistant to lettuce mosaic virus,dos not overgrow for a long time.The bush is large with slightly ribbed,bright green,fan type leaves.Cultivated in greenhouses and outdoors spring,summer and autumn harvests.Can be sown directly into the soil or from seedlings.Suitable for hydroponic cultivation.Seeds coated with sticky mix.It is very important to have moist during germination-in dry soil they will not germinate.Coating ingrediends:peat,dolomite,clay.Coating/seed:3/1
1 gramm = 800-1000 seeds

Eng.: Leaf lettuce. Suom.: Lehtisalaatti. Sven.: Plocksallat.Bot.:Lactuca sativa L.

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