Lactuca sativa L.
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Leaf lettuce "Grand Rapids" - Lactuca sativa L.
Large, crispy, sweet!
A mid-early variety of half-headed leaf lettuce, which is well suited for spring, summer and autumn harvests.
It will take 35-50 days from germination to ripening.
The rosette of leaves is erect, 25 cm high, 22 cm in diameter. The leaf is medium-sized, yellowish, round in shape, glossy, convex, finely bubbly, strongly wavy along the edge. The head of cabbage is open, oval-shaped, loose. The weight of one plant is 250 g. The consistency of the leaves is crispy.
Value of the variety: excellent taste of the product, resistance to marginal leaf burn.
1,0 g = 800-1200 seeds.

* Beds laid out in the traditional way most often look sloppy: their earthen slopes are constantly crumbling.
If the garden is small and the vegetable garden takes up little space, make a frame for the beds from wooden sides or organize the space of the garden by dividing it into sections limited by neat wooden sides (you can also use plastic fences like “garden boards”). It is easier to care for such beds: water, weed, mulch.
Mark the ground for the future garden. Drive in the pegs and stretch the ropes between them so that they are at a height of at least 30 cm. For the sides you will need hardwood boards, such as larch, impregnated with "Pinotex" or other protective preparation.
Paths between the beds are convenient when their width is at least 60 cm.

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