Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata
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Head lettuce "Ciucca".
Creased, tender and crispy.
A mid-early variety of head-type lettuce. Half-opened head and good dimensions. The leave is green with red faded.
From mass germination to harvest 68-72 days. When grown through seedlings - 40-45 days.
This variety is not prone to flowering and is appreciated for its good yield and excellent taste.
1.0 g = 800-1000 seeds.

* Salad.
Requirements: any climatic conditions are suitable for cultivation. The type of soil is not particularly important, provided that it is loosened to a great depth.
It is important that the place is sunny since in insufficient light the dense heads of cabbage do not ripen and the nitrate content increases.
When growing in early spring, only early varieties should be used; when growing later, summer varieties should be used.
Cultivation: sowing can be done under glass as early as the end of January in order to have young plants in a greenhouse, which can already be transplanted into open ground at the beginning of May.
The sowing temperature should be +12+18 °C. Germination begins already at a temperature of +5 °C. At temperatures above +20 °C, the germination process becomes more difficult. At higher summer temperatures, seeds must be kept in the refrigerator during the day before sowing or sown in the evening, moistening them abundantly afterwards.
Sowing is best done in small pots. If the gaps between seeds are large enough, it is not necessary to thin out the seedlings.
Since sowing is often too dense, the seeds are planted in larger pots and at larger intervals. However, they should not be laid too deep.

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