Limnanthes douglasii
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Douglas meadowfoam - Limnanthes douglasii.
A real treat!
The traditional "poached egg flower" has yellow centres surrounded by white, but we have included some pure yellow forms to add more interest. 
Bright green foliage, and aptly named yellow and white flowers. Attractive to bees.
RHS "Award of Garden Merit" winner. HA - Hardy annual. Height 15 cm.
Culture: sow March-May outdoors for flowers June-September, or sow September to flower the following summer. 
Hints: ideal for beds and borders. Attractive to butterflies. Prefers full sun. 
Flowering Time: June-September.

Hardy Annual.
Flowers: Spring to Late Summer. Height: 6 inches.
Ideal For: Bedding, Border, Cottage Garden, Ground Cover, Patio, Tubs.
Germination: Easy.
Aftercare: Easy.
The Fried Egg or Poached Egg plant will attract hoverflies to your garden to beat the aphids. Bees also love this low, spreading carpet of fragrant golden and white blooms that will grace the front of the border, rockery or path edging.
Sowing Instructions: Best sown where they are to flower in spring or late summer/early autumn for overwintering. Sow 3 mm (1/8in) deep in rows 30 cm (12in) apart in well cultivated soil which has been raked to a fine tilth.
Growing Instructions: thin out the seedlings to 10 cm (4in) apart.
Aftercare Instructions: they prefer full sun and a cool moist root run and because of this do very well when grown as an edging to paths. For very attractive winter/early spring flowering pot plants in a cool greenhouse or conservatory sow from mid summer to early autumn.

Eng.: Douglas meadowfoam. Suom.: Hilppa. Sven.: Sumpört

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