Leptosiphon hybrida
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False Baby Stars "French mix".
An unusual, very beautiful ground cover plant with needle-like leaves and an abundance of small flowers of various colours on the thinnest peduncles. It grows rapidly, forming real thickets.
Photophilous, grows well on light, stony soils. It is used to decorate rocky hills, curbs, carpet beds.
These plants produce so many flowers that the tiny bushes, whose height barely reaches 10 cm, are almost invisible underneath them. The delicate leaves are needle-shaped and covered with numerous villi.
When grown on poor soil, the plant looks like a dense grey-green curtain, while on fertile soil the shoots stretch out, and the leptosiphon loses its characteristic appearance.
Seeds are sown in open ground in April-May. For planting, choose a warm, sunny place, such as an alpine hill or a border located along the borders of the patio.
Mass flowering begins in late June and reaches its peak in July. In August-September, a second wave of flower formation is observed.
In order for the flowering to be continuous, the seeds are sown in several stages, staggering them in time.

Eng.: False Baby Stars. Bot. syn.: Linanthus ssp. leptosiphon, Gilia x hybrida, Linanthus x hybridus.

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