Eragrostis elegants
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Darnel Love Grass - Eragrostis airoides = Eragrostis elegants.
A very spectacular plant, the panicles of which resemble fountains of the smallest splashes.
The plant blooms in July. With regular removal of faded panicles, it can bloom until frost.
Location: cold-resistant, light-requiring, does not tolerate excess moisture in the soil.
Reproduction: by seeds, sowing them into the ground when the soil warms up.
The seeds are small. To obtain 100 plants, you will need 0.1 g of seeds.
Seedlings appear in 10-12 days. You can sow seeds at the end of June and then have material for cutting until late autumn. Watering when the soil dries up and 1-2 fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizer after thinning (distance 10-12 cm between plants) increase the number of stems and increase the height of plants.
Usage: Eragrostis is an excellent arrangement material for both fresh and dry bouquets.
Plants form a dense array of leaves with a delicate cloud of brooms, so they decorate a mixborder or rocky hill.

Darnel Love Grass, Darnel Lovegrass.

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