Tropaeolum nanum
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Low nasturtium "Peach Melba".
A beautiful annual plant from the Nasturtium family. Forms a compact, well leafy bush. The flowers are elegant bright yellow with red velvety spots. Blooms profusely from June until frost.
Heat-loving and light-loving. Prefers moderately fertile, moist soils. Grown by seedlings or direct sowing in open ground. To obtain seedlings, seeds are sown in pots, 2-3 pieces per hole.
Shoots appear in 10-14 days. Plants are planted in open ground without disturbing the earthen clod. Sowing in open ground is carried out with 3-4 seeds pre-soaked during the day. into the hole.
It is used for planting in borders, on discounts, as well as in containers and vases. Unpretentiousness and bright flowers with a pleasant aroma - made this plant popular.
Spectacular flowers with spurs of this beauty radiate with bright lights against the background of lush greenery and decorate balconies, flower beds, and flower beds throughout the summer.

Eng.: Nasturtium double. Suom.: Pensasköynnöskrassi. Sven.: Buskkrasse. Bot.: Tropaeolum minus L.

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