Lychnis chalcedonica L.
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Maltese cross "Cerveny" - Lychnis chalcedonica.
Spectacularly blooming in the height of summer unpretentious perennial.
Tall, slender stems are crowned with large corymbose inflorescences, consisting of fiery red flowers.
Used for planting in groups in mixborders. Bright accent flower garden of perennials.
Growing conditions.
Sowing in a permanent place. At an optimum temperature of +18°C, shoots appear in 18-24 days. The culture is easy to care for, unpretentious and winter-hardy.
Prefers open sunny places, with well-drained soil. Watering - moderate, regular. In autumn, the stems are cut at the root.
In one place they grow for 4-5 years.

Lychnis chalcedonica, Loitev tulinelk
Jan Brueghel Velvet. 

Eng.: Maltese cross, scarlet lightning. Bot. syn.: Silene chalcedonica (L.)

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