Matthiola incana
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Tenweeks stock "Peach" - Matthiola incana.
Annual beautiful flower, also suitable for cut flowers 50-60 cm high. The flower has a rather rich pleasant aroma. This variety has beautiful peach blossom flowers. Blooms in mid-summer, frost-hardy enough.
Growing: seeds can be sown directly on site in May or seedlings in March. Germination temperature + 18 + 22 ° C, germination duration 7-14 days. When planting plants, the distance is 20-30 cm so that the plants have enough room to grow and there are no problems with obtaining nutrients. For flowering, plants need watering and feeding. Fertilizer increases the size of the flower, enhances the color, prolongs the flowering time.
1.0 g = 600-800 seeds (keep viable for 4-6 years).

Eng.: Tenweeks stock. Suom.: Tarhaleukoija. Sven.: Lövkoja.

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